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Lake Oulujärvi Area

The Lake Oulujärvi district was freed from the ice sheet some 10 500 years ago. The modern lake came into being when the land rose and cut off a bay of the vast Ancylus Lake about 9 500 years ago. Sometimes nicknamed the “Kainuu Sea” after the region in which it lies, the lake is now about twice as long as it was when it first came into being.  This is due to the unevenness of the uplift, which has tilted the basin in which the lake lies towards the south-east.

The heart of the Lake Oulujärvi is Manamansalo, the fifth largest inland island in Finland. The camping sites in the island offer many traveling services in beautiful nature surroundings.

Manamansalo is a place where you can relax. You can for example fish, lodge in a cottage and hike.  The area has lean-tos and slipways. (in Finnish only)

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