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Rokua Area

Rokua area and the surroundings are a combination of different kinds of geological processes and land formations shaped by them. Esker ridges were formed when the glacier was melting around 10 000 -  12 000 years ago and it was formed by piled by the melting water from the glacier.

The kettle pots filled with clear water and lichen covered ridge mounds were made by slowly melting ice blocks pressing holes on the ground.

To enjoy the unique scenery you can ski, ride snowmobile, hike or bike. There are 70 kilometers of road that cover the area very well. During the summer heat waves it’s always possible to swim in the clear watered kettle pots or fish and ice fish during the winter time.

The national park of Rokua conserves the unique flora and land shapes of the area. You can find your way through there on excellent hiking and skiing trails.

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